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8D I got a hatchling letter!

It came yesterday; I was so tickled! It was sent to me by misterkitteh, who adopted one of my first Pearlcatcher babies. Here’s what it said:

Dear Pongo and Perdita,

Gosh, Mom, Dad, it’s been a really long time since I saw you! I’ve been getting along really well in this new clan of mine. I know I should have sent the letter sooner, but I met this tundra and, though his colors are kind of crazy, he’s the sweetest dragon I could have hoped to meet! His name is Hoowa Atse and once he told me it meant ‘Fire Friend’, or something like that. He’s so great and I wish you could meet him. I’m sure his mom would love to have you visit sometime! Ersoo is really sweet.
Since I came there have been a few changes. Besides my new mate, I have a great friend! Her name is Scaselle and she’s the one who delivered this message. I know she isn’t the biggest. I probably put a pretty grand weight on her to deliver this to you guys, but she was really excited to help out. She says hello too!
Another change that’s happened is I got this really cool new gene! I think it’s called ‘Circuit’ or something like that. It’s made me really vibrant and I’ve changed a lot since you last saw me. Our hoard master, Pala(that’s Ersoo’s mate!) says that I might look good with a seraph scroll he has but he isn’t sure if I should do it. I might and I hope I can have you some great grand-hatchlings!
There are so many neat dragons here in my clan in the Windswept Plains. I’m great friends with a spiral, Anastasia, and her snapper mate Coalthroat. We play games together sometimes! They’re really good at these odd game system things. They look like boxes, and when you put these flat, thin rock things inside a bigger box attached to it shows really neat pictures! I play games with Anastasia a lot because Coalthroat’s flat feet don’t work so well for the games she likes to play. There’s this one where you dance though and it has a flat pad on the ground that you step on! Coal is the MASTER of that game. Poor Ana gets all tangled up and I loose track of the buttons because I’m trying to juggle my pearl into the limbs I’m not using to play.
I guess from this you could suppose I’m having a good time in my home, which is great! I hope you guys are still getting along okay without your Penny. I have to stop writing now before I break poor Scaselle’s beak with the length of this letter. I’ll include a picture of me now since I’ve changed a lot since you last saw me.

Love you lots, Penny


eeee! so fun! I sent him one back from Penny’s mom Perdita. =)


and here’s the picture of Penny he included :3


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